Applicants must offer a graduate or undergraduate degree from an accredited college or university completed with a grade point average of 3.0 or higher.

Applicants must also offer a portfolio of creative work (which may consist of work in any medium including computer software), letters of recommendation, and TOEFL score of 550 or above if required. An interview with a member of the selection committee is strongly recommended.

Applicants must obtain and file an application form with the program director in addition to the regular college admission application.

Selection of applicants is based on a faculty committee review of the following: the applicant’s creative portfolio, evidence of the applicant’s interest in collaborative creative production, letters of reference indicating significant artistic promise, artistic background and experience, and the applicant’s interview (if conducted).

Application procedure

  1. Send the following materials to  David Grubbs, 422 Whitehead Hall, Brooklyn College, 2900 Bedford Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11210-2889, email: [email protected]:
  • The PIMA application form, with both sides (both pages) completed (contact David Grubbs at the address above for an application form)
  • A personal statement, which should include discussion of your interest in collaborative, cross-disciplinary artmaking, and the use of technology in the artistic process
  • A current Curriculum Vitae(or complete Résumé)
  • A portfolio of your creative work, including a one-page summary or index of work submitted in the portfolio listing credits for all contributors/collaborators. Work may be submitted on slide, audio CD, LP, CD-ROM, DVD, in print form, VHS or DV videocassette, or on the web.
  1. Complete a Graduate Application to Brooklyn College
 (, consisting of:

Please Note: PIMA does not require Graduate Record Exam scores.

Application Review Cycle

The PIMA application and admission cycle has several stages:

  1. The first review of portfolios is usually held on February 15. By this date please have submitted at leastyour portfolio, statement, cv, and PIMA application form. Your work will be reviewed even if you have not completed the Brooklyn College graduate application.
  2. If necessary, second and third reviews of portfolios will be held, usually mid-March and mid-April. Check the website or e-mail the program admissions director at:  [email protected] to see if there are still openings in the program, and what the deadline is for the upcoming review.
  3. At the review, the PIMA admissions committee will recommend for each application to:

(regardless of the committee’s decision, we cannot inform you of an admissions decision until the graduate application is complete)

  1. When you have completed all parts of the application process, you will be contacted with the PIMA admissions committee’s recommendation.
  2. The graduate admissions office will accept the recommendation of the PIMA admissions committee if all other standards required for admission are met.

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