Deborah Latz

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Deborah Latz continues her journey as human being in search of unlimited possibilities.
Deborah is a New York-based vocalist, songwriter, composer, actor, improviser, playwright, voice teacher and educator. In 2015 she received a four star DownBeat review for her fourth jazz vocal release, “sur l’instant”. In 1999 she won the best actress award for her one-woman performance of “Juliet” at the Jerzy Grotowski Theatre Festival in Wroclaw, Poland. Deborah is co-founder of the neo-folk, jazz fusion vocal duo with Pat Wictor. Curates, VoxEcstatic Series at Cornelia Street Underground in Greenwich Village. For over fifteen years Deborah has been a facilitator of vocal and communication workshops at the Cooper Union School of Engineering in New York City. Deborah holds a Bachelor of Science from CUNY BA Brooklyn College in Music and Performance Art Studies.

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On 2018/08/27

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