Kristin Arnesen

Kristin Arnesen

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Kristin Arnesen is an interdisciplinary artist, scholar and the co-founder of the arts collective Theatre Reverb. Her full-length performances, live art, video, sound, installation and electronic sculptural works have been shown at clubs, galleries, venues and festivals throughout NYC (Brooklyn Museum, Con Artists Collective, Recession Arts, the Invisible Dog, Anarko Art Fest, HERE Arts, Galapagos Art Space, Under St. Marks, The Living Theatre, Game Play at the Brick, FRIGID NY) and abroad (HomeBase Salon & tamtamArt in Berlin, TEDx at Muzeum Manggha in Krakow). She earned a BA in Theatre Performance, an MA in theatre, and an MFA in Performance and Interactive Media Arts. The New York press has called her work the “pre-postmodernism of Tristan Tzara and Dada”; “visually stunning” and “funny, serious, erotic, and fascinating.” She won “Audience Choice” and “Most Innovative” awards for her festival productions and was an artist-in-residence at Galapagos Art Space. She’s trained in India in ritual dance-theatre traditions kutiyattam and kathakali, and in bharatanatyam dance in New York. She has collaborated with OWS working groups and international feminist organizations to stage political performance actions and media stunts. She performs under aliases in New York city night clubs, and in the electronic band Intra Faction. Kristin has also taught college courses and workshops, movement for performers, and has presented and published her performance research in the US, Europe and India.

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