Marnie Jaffe

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Marnie Jaffe is a New York City native who was involved with the underground music and art scene of the 1980s. After a short stint at NYU’s graduate film school, she created multi-projector slide shows that were shown at The Kitchen, The Collective for Living Cinema, ABC No Rio, and other alternative venues. It was through her projection work that she came in contact with the musicians Tom Paine and Mark C., and formed the highly regarded post-punk noise band Live Skull. Jaffe played bass and sang with Live Skull, releasing seven recordings and performing throughout the United States and Europe. After her daughter Noa was born in 1993, she went back to school for her M.S. in art education, working as a teaching artist for the New York City Department of Education. Ms. Jaffe continues to create multi-disciplinary art and has returned to performing and recording with several local improvisatory groups of musicians and artists.

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On 2015/01/25

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