PIMA Salon:

Join to talk technology, performance and more.

PIMA Salon Sunday December 6th at 6PM

Virtual Scores with Indra, a new Max-based virtual score platform for live networked musical performance

Hosted by Drake Anderson, Indra Creator

& Ryan Holsopple from PIMA

Have you ever wanted to create a musical composition where the notation could change during the performance?


A virtual score is music notation that is natively digital, allowing it to be transformed, rearranged, and redistributed in real time. In this salon, you will be introduced to Indra, a new Max-based virtual score platform for live networked musical performance. Indra is a tool for conductors to improvise with an ensemble of any size. Notation appears on performers' screens in real time according to musical criteria set by the conductor, which ranges from predefined parameters like duration and pitch center to custom metadata fields and tags. You can download Indra here: http://creativeinteraction.org/


Drake Andersen is Adjunct Assistant Professor of Music at Vassar College, where he teaches electronic music. In addition to being a composer and improviser, he has written extensively about the performance practice of experimental music. He holds a Ph.D. from the CUNY Graduate Center, and previously taught electronic music at Brooklyn College.




Prior to the Salon please follow the installation instructions below:


Installation Instructions

1. Download the latest version of Max (Cycling ’74). (You do not need to purchase a license to run Indra.)

2. Use the download link Indra to your computer (Mac or PC). Unzip the file.

3. Open Max and add the folder or directory where you saved Indra to the File Preferences. (Options -> File Preferences; use the + button to add, making sure the Subfolders box is ticked.)

4. Download the bach, cage, dada, and zero packages from the Package Manager. (File -> Show Package Manager.)

5. Open the appropriate patch in the Indra folder: composer, conductor, or performer.


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