Artists in the PIMA program come from a range of disciplines: acting, directing, design, music performance and composition, social anthropology, electronic arts, dance, fine arts, illustration and performance art, among varied others.

Elizabeth M. Stewart

Elizabeth is a New York City based lighting designer whose work has been seen in New York, London, Philadelphia, and more, in venues ranging from art gallery basements to off-Broadway theatres.
Elizabeth is a proud member of the Ring of Keys. She was a 2018 Hangar Design Fellow, and is currently a resident designer with What Will the Neighbors Say? Theatre Company and The Arctic Group.

Temar France

Temar (b. 1986) is an interdisciplinary artist and cultural studies scholar based in Queens, New York. Her photographs, videos, literary and audio works focus on enactments of identity, waywardness and eroticism to trouble the visual fields that inform dominant ideas of race and gender. Through thoughtful compositions of Black bodies in relation and in space, she reclaims and archives performances of power and pleasure within a Black erotic frame to imagine Black life as an aesthetic of quiet and queer everyday delight. Follow her on Twitter @TemarFrance.

Amanda Enzo

Enzo, hales from Cleveland, Ohio. With a background in theater and film, she considers herself the egalitarian existentialist artist and a servant for humanity.
Viva la revolucion...
twitter: @actressenzo

Zach Rothman-Hicks

Zach Rothman-Hicks is an Actor, Director, Designer, and New York City Public School Teacher. He enjoys participating in the creation of community-driven and ensemble-created work and interactive performances. He believes that both the creation of and participation in the arts will create more space inside of ourselves which ultimately makes the world a better place. www.zachrothmanhicks.com